Les Petites Histoires

Each image in the series seems to narrate a whimsical story, with actions that unfold in unexpected and amusing ways. These surreal compositions invite the audience to escape into a world of imagination, where reality is playfully twisted, leaving us with a contagious smile. This serie not only challenges the boundaries of conventional art but also invites us to see the world through a more vibrant and joyful lens.


1 – 2020 – 26.5x20inch – edition of 4

Vivacious perspective and bouncy yellow

2 – 2020 – 25×36 inch – edition of 5

From the Callas to the yellow bag there is just a tiny inch !

3 – 2020 – octogone 20x20inch – edition of 9

After the blow, hair delicately fell on the ground. She lost her mind !

4 – 2020 – 25x36inch – edition of 4

The string can replace a singular expression

5 – 2020 – 25x36inch – edition of 4

Lady Bugs and bloody maze

6 – 2020 – 26x35inch – edition of 5

Dionaea muscipula sun bathing

7 – 2020 – 23x30inch – edition of 5

Milangros contact on porcelan skin

8 – 2021 – 26.75x20inch – edition of 5

The bell, passed out, the blue trout

9 -2020 – 25×36 inch – edition of 3

Attention, passengers: this is your conductor speaking. The train is being delayed while the woman with the suitcases tells the man holding the doors that she just wants to go back to Chicago and try and remember who she used to be before he convinced her to give up on her dreams to watch him follow through on his. She makes a fair point so we will be delayed until the gentleman holding the doors accepts that it’s time to move on. By Bob Powers

10 – 2020 – 23x30inch – edition of 5

Milangros contact on porcelan skin